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The universal sensor

Tyremotive offers another tyre pressure monitoring system: Autel TPMS. Available in different versions at reasonable prices.

Autel - Universal sensor of the latest generation

Programmable for almost any vehicle

Can be programmed wirelessly with all Autel TPMS tools

100% ID clonable without re-learning

Reduce warehousing costs

All applications at the same price

The universal sensor for your garage

Tyremotive is an authorised sales partner for Autel TPMS sensors in Germany.

The sensors are easy to use and ready for immediate use at fair, competitive prices. With two different sensors, 98% of all vehicles with TPMS are covered. At the same time, the sensors can be programmed and 100% ID-cloned within a few seconds.

Tyremotive thus offers its customers first-class universal sensors with a high level of quality and user-friendliness.

In co-operation with Autel, we also offer TPMS service and support.

Autel colours

The TPMS system is available in various colours. Simply order via our online shop.

Autel RDKS sensoren - Reifengrosshänlder Tyremotive
Autel RDKS sensoren - Reifengrosshänlder Tyremotive
Autel RDKS sensoren - Reifengrosshänlder Tyremotive

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