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About Us

An innovative company in the field of rims and tires. Competence as a wholesaler combined with the tasks as a rim manufacturer of the brand itWheels. In addition to the sales and production of rims in Asia and Italy, we create individual supply chain management software solutions for our customers and thus make our know-how available to our customers and partners in the entire supply chain. The service for our customers is completed the area of workshop equipment and training.


Our team consists of absolute professionals from the automotive and software industries. For us, good service is not just a word – the aim is to quickly, professionally and reliably meet all of our customers’ wishes about tires and rims.


As your full-service or supply chain management partner, we not only supply our products but also the appropriate software tools for simple and very effective material procurement. Through our partner network, we offer our products fixed and assembled on the car, with more than 300 assembly stations nationwide.


We supply tires of all manufacturers, our own wheel brand itWheels, steel and aluminium rims of other well-known manufacturers individually or completely mounted as complete wheel – if required with a suitable RDKS/TPMS system.

Easy Fast and Reliable

  • The tyre searching engine - naturally free

  • Availability of all relevant car data with factory tyres (including operating instructions, TÜV-reports and COC-data)

  • Unique:The traceability of tyremotive´s quality in products is TÜV certified.

  • Central Invoicing - one bill instead of multiple individuals

  • Exclusive: Online-return system - simply tick the mark, we will handle the rest

  • Fast and easy webshop

  • Product pictures, tyre descriptions as well as tests of specialist magazines

  • Superior delivery and service quality: Shipment within 3-4 days for wheels/tyres and 4-5 days for complete wheels; free shipment when ordering minimum 2 items

Tyremotive - Unternhemen